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Corporate Punishment Records
Founded 2004
Founder Thom Hazaert, Eric Nielsen
Distributor(s) Trustkill Records/Universal Music
Country of origin United States
Official website

Corporate Punishment Records (abbreviated as CPR) is a Los Angeles, USA, based independent record label. The company was formed in 2004 by Thom Hazaert and Eric Nielsen, also co-founders of and Total Assault Street Teams. The label's most prominent artists include David Reilly of God Lives Underwater,Trigger Point, Switched, Allele, Ghost Machine (featuring a pre-Five Finger Death Punch Ivan Moody) and Amity Lane.


CPR was formed in 2004 by Thom Hazaert and Eric Nielsen, who were also the co-founders of – a comprehensive music and entertainment site, and the Total Assault Street Teams. Their previous work with artists including Chimaira, Depswa, Switched, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Staind, The Used, Cold, Glassjaw, My Chemical Romance, Hed PE and Nine Inch Nails, amongst others, helped lay the foundation of the label.

Corporate Punishment was distributed by The Navarre Corporation in America, and Universal Music in Canada, until Navarre was purchased by E1/Koch, who became the label's distributor until 2008. After being released from their distribution deal with E1, the label went on hiatus until January 2010 when it was announced that Corporate Punishment had signed a Worldwide distribution deal with Trustkill Records. Shortly thereafter, it was announced the label went on hiatus, and Hazaert went on to form the INgrooves/Fontana distributed THC : MUSIC.


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