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Coordinates: 53°22′37″N 1°28′37″W / 53.3770°N 1.4769°W / 53.3770; -1.4769

Private company
Industry Music
Founded 1997
Headquarters Sheffield, England
Products Nightclub

Corporation[1] is an independent live music venue and nightclub located in city centre of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. Corporation is known for hosting live music from touring bands and club nights which play a variety of alternative and rock music, but it also hosts the club night skool disco, predominantly a student pop music night.

The club is one of the major rock and alternative clubs not only in Sheffield but in England as a whole and rivals the multiplicity of Rock City in Nottingham as both a rock club and live venue. It is more commonly referred to by the nickname of Corp by locals.

Corporation also plays host to the Resistanz Festival, an annual festival of industrial, synthetic and electronic music.


Corporation is based in the Devonshire Quarter of Sheffield city centre. The club features three floors containing six bars spread across four rooms: the main arena, small arena, upstairs, and Local Authority. Live acts are viewed in either the main arena or small arenas, are all-standing during events whose sizes vary from smaller upcoming bands of the underground and local scene to successful major touring bands. The upstairs room is available only during club nights and has a balcony overlooking the rooms dance floor. As of September 2013, another room has been opened inside of Corporation called The Local Authority which opens on club nights as extension to the main club and opens on non-club nights as a "mini club". One of the most well known parts of the 'Corp experience' and considered an essential component is the infamous blue pint.


Corporation opened in 1997 in Sheffield City Centre and was located on Bank Street, near Castle Market. The venue was opened in May 1967 as The Cavendish Club and was one of Sheffield's first purpose-built nightclubs.[2] The Cavendish Club then became Baileys nightclub in the early 1970s and then later became Romeo & Juliet's nightclub in 1978. The building was run under the name of Romeo & Juliet's up until 1985 where it changed its name to Cairo Jax. The Cairo Jax name stayed until 1997 where the building became its last incarnation as a nightclub becoming the Corporation, before the building finally turned into offices at the end of its lifespan as a famous nightclub venue in Sheffield. Where as all through its use since 1967 the building had been a nightclub housing pop, dance and chart music, it transformed and became home to the rock and alternative clientele of Sheffield. Corporation kept the same layout as the previous nightclubs which incorporated two main rooms, a diner, a chill out room, but included an indoor skate ramp and a late bar called The Otherside. The Otherside late bar was at the front of the building but was separate from the main Corporation nightclub and venue.

In 2002, Corporation moved to its present location in Milton Street.


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