Corporation Island

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Corporation Island and the Flowerpots beyond, from Richmond Bridge

Corporation Island is an island in the River Thames in England. It is on the Tideway near Twickenham between Richmond Bridge and Richmond Railway Bridge and is opposite the river frontage at Richmond, London, England.

Corporation Island is unpopulated and is heavily wooded with white willows, crack willows and weeping willows, and hybrid black poplars.

The island, as with other nearby islands on this part of the Thames, is often frequented by herons.

Just downstream of Corporation Island are two small islands called Flowerpot Islands. These are almost completely covered by hard surfaces, and have only one or two mature trees in the centre of each.

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Coordinates: 51°27′29″N 00°18′32″W / 51.45806°N 0.30889°W / 51.45806; -0.30889