Corps de Garde

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Corps de Garde (translation: guardhouse) is a 720-metre-high mountain of volcanic origin, in the area of the Moka Range between the Mont du Rempart (545 m) and the Le Pouce Mountain (812 m) in the Plaines Wilhems district of Mauritius. The name derived from the fact that a French military post was once established on its slope to control the bands of runaway slaves.

This basaltic rock has an imposing appearance which is characterized by an abruptly breakup of the slope towards the sea. It is resembling a figure of a reclining night watchman. It is also famous for a nature reserve of about 90.33 ha with a very rare flora such as Trochetia parviflora which was rediscovered on a mountain slope in 2001, Pilea trilobata which was rediscovered in 2005 and the Mandrinette. On the foot of that hill are the towns of Beau Bassin-Rose Hill and Quatre Bornes.

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Coordinates: 20°15′08″S 57°27′02″E / 20.25222°S 57.45056°E / -20.25222; 57.45056