Corps of Bridges, Waters and Forests

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The Corps des ponts, des eaux et des forêts (Corps of Bridges, Waters and Forests) is a technical Grand Corps of the French State (grand corps de l'Etat). It is formed of the State Engineers and doctors with specialized scientific skills useful in the territorial planning, the management of natural resources and the conception and evaluation of environmental policies. Most of them are from École polytechnique where they are chosen on their ranking. these are known as X-Ponts; the rest come from École normale supérieure (Ulm) or the regular curriculum of the École nationale des ponts et chaussées.

People entering the Corps (Around 25 each year) can be trained during either at Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, AgroparisTech or abroad in specific fiels -in particular when they are willing to realize a phD.

In 2002, the corps of engineers of Bridges and Roads (Ponts et Chaussées), the engineers of Civil Aviation, the engineers-geographs and the meteorological engineers merged. Students who choose the corps of engineers of Civil Aviation are educated at the École nationale de l'aviation civile (French civil aviation university).[1]

In 2009, the Corps of Bridges and Roads and the Corps of Waters and Forests merged into the Corps of Bridges, Waters and Forests.

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