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Temporal range: Early Cretaceous
Trace fossil classification e
Ichnoclass: Reptilipedia
Ichnocohort: Theropodipedia
Ichnogenus: Corpulentapus
Li et al 2011
Type ichnospecies
Corpulentapus lilasia
Li et al 2011

Corpulentapus is an ichnogenus of Early Cretaceous theropod tracks uncovered at the Zhucheng tracksite in Shandong, PR China.[1]


  1. ^ Li, R.; M.G. Lockley; M. Matsukawa; K. Wang & M. Liu (2011). "An unusual theropod track assemblage from the Cretaceous of the Zhucheng area, Shandong Province, China". Cretaceous Research. 32: 422–432.