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The Corpus Catholicorum (Corp. Cath., CCath., CC) is a collection of sixteenth century writings by the leading proponents and defenders of the Roman Catholic Church against the teachings of the Protestant reformers.

The full title of the series is: Corpus Catholicorum: Werke katholischer Schriftsteller im Zeitalter der Glaubensspaltung i.e. Body of Catholic [writings]: Works of Catholic authors in the Time of the Splitting of the Faith.

The series, intended as a counterpart to the Corpus Reformatorum, was conceived by Professor Joseph Greving (1868–1919) of the University of Bonn in 1915, and was announced that same year in the Theologische Revue as a "Plan für ein Corpus Catholicorum" or "Plan for a Corpus Catholicorum" [1]

List of volumes in the Corpus Catholicorum[edit]


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