Corpus Mortale

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Corpus Mortale
Band Picture
Background information
Origin Copenhagen, Denmark
Genres Death metal
Years active 1993–present
Labels DeepSend
Associated acts Iniquity, Human Machine, Atobic, Strangler, DownLord, Usipian, Revolting Phimosis, Saturnus, Crapulence, Granhammer, Iron Fire, Swollen, Slow Death Factory
Members Martin Rosendahl
Brian Eriksen
Carlos Roebles
Nicolai Kaltoft
Past members Ulrik Pendersen
Jens Lee
Morten Jensen
Søren Jensen
Mads Haarløv
Roar Christoffersen
Jakob Schleis
Nicholas Maschøln
Rasmus Schmidt
Andreas Lynge

Corpus Mortale is a Danish death metal group. Established in 1993, the band has released two full-length albums.


Corpus Mortale was founded in Copenhagen in 1993 by Nicholas Maschøln and Søren Jensen, followed by Martin Rosendahl completing the lineup in 1994. From the beginning the band was interested in playing death metal, and released their demo Corpus Mortale in 1995. The demo was critically acclaimed, and inspired the band to increase their efforts. Morten Jensen was recruited as a fourth member on guitar in 1996 and after only three months Corpus Mortale entered the studio to record their second demo entitled Integration. This demo received a more widespread and positive reaction than the first, and all 800 copies were sold out within 7 months.

Following a number of tours between 1997 and 1999, Søren and Morten Jensen decided to leave the band after another recording attempt, the unreleased album Spritism. Following this, Brian Eriksen and Jens Lee (formerly of Iniquity) joined, and a final demo, Succumb to the Superior was released. The release of this demo generated positive reactions, and a deal of label interest.

In the summer of 2001, Jens Lee left the band due to commitment issues. After another MCD, Sombre and Vile, the band focused on the release of their first full-length album,[1] With Lewd Demeanor. Following this album's release, the band signed with Dutch record label Neurotic Records.[2] The album released on the 23rd of November 2003, supported by a European tour with Konkhra, Homo Iratus and Illnath. A music video for the song Mass Funeral Pyre was released also.[3] Brian Eriksen was replaced on guitar by Mads Hårløv (ex-Iniquity) as a session member.[4]

With this new lineup, the band entered the studio to record a 3 track EP named Seize the Moment of Murder on Nuclear Winter Records. In 2007 through Willowtip Records they released their second full-length album, A New Species of Deviants through Willowtip Records in the USA and Neurotic Records in the rest of the world. Following a contract renewal, Brian Eriksen rejoined the band, and Nicholas Maschøln left after fourteen years. Rasmus Scmidt (The Omnihil, ex-Downlord) replaced Nicholas and the band continues to tour in support of their most recent album.

In October 2008, after 7 years in Corpus Mortale, Roar Christoffersen decided to leave the band. The reason for this was to concentrate on his other music project Bastards Corpus Mortale quickly found a replacement for Christoffersen in Andreas Lynge of The Cleansing. Andreas played his first gig in Corpus Mortale at the Copenhagen Death Fest on the 6th of December, and the Royal Metal Fest on the 9th of January in Århus.

Currently Corpus Mortale is working on material for a new album in addition to several tourdates to be announced. The songs on the new album will include titles such as Feasting Upon Souls and Love Lies Bleeding. Also planned is a merchandising deal with Relapse Records, a brand new t-shirt design which will be made available worldwide.

In September Corpus Mortale signed to American label Deepsend Records. Deepsend will release the Danes’ third album “FleshCraft” this fall, with a special web-only Pre-Order which will ship prior to the release date in stores.

“FleshCraft” will come to be known as a defining statement of Danish death metal. The year's best death metal album is also amongst the best from Denmark ever. The perfect death metal recording, Martin Rosendahl's trademark bellow (last heard on The Cleansing “Poisoned Legacy”) and their musicianship that's second to none. Your expectations should be high and will be mightily fulfilled. “FleshCraft” is an excellently composed monster, exemplifying everything that Danish death metal has been known for and finally accomplished by Corpus Mortale.

Former members[edit]

Ulrik Pedersen (Justin Hate Revolting Phimosis) - Vocals
Morten Juul Nielsen - Guitars
Jakob Schleiss - Bass
Morten Jensen (Crapulence) - Guitars
Søren Jensen (Granhammer, Iron Fire, Human Machine, Crapulence, Six String Slaughter) - Guitars
Jens Lee (Iniquity, Saturnus) - Guitars
Mads Haarløv (Iniquity, Strangler, Swollen, Sacrificial, Atobic, Ashes) - Guitars
Nicholas Maschøln (Human Machine, Six String Slaughter) - Drums
Roar Christoffersen (Crapulence, Slow Death Factory) - Guitars
Rasmus Schmidt (The Omnihil) - Drums
Andreas Lynge (The Cleansing) - Guitars


Studio albums[edit]




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