Corrèze's 1st constituency

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1st constituency of the Corrèze
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French National Assembly
  Christophe Jerretie
Department Corrèze
Canton Argentat, Bort-les-Orgues, Bugeat, Corrèze, Donzenac, Égletons, Eygurande, Lapleau, Meymac, Neuvic, La Roche-Canillac, Seilhac, Sornac, Treignac, Tulle-Campagne-Nord, Tulle-Campagne-Sud, Tulle-Urbain-Nord, Tulle-Urbain-Sud, Ussel-Est, Ussel-Ouest, Uzerche, Vigeois
Voters 121,830

The 1st constituency of the Corrèze is a French legislative constituency in the Corrèze department (Limousin).


Election Member Party
1967 Jean Montalat FGDS
1968 Jean Montalat FGDS
1973 Pierre Pranchère PCF
1978 Jean-Pierre Bechter RPR
1981 Jean Combasteil PCF


Proportional representation - no election by constituency
1988 François Hollande PS
1993 Raymond-Max Aubert RPR
1997 François Hollande PS
2012 Sophie Dessus PS
2016 Alain Ballay PS
2017 Christophe Jerretie REM

Election results[edit]


Sophie Dessus was elected deputy. She died in office on 3 March 2016, and was replaced by her substitute Alain Ballay the following day.[1]

2012 legislative election: Corrèze's 1st constituency - 1st round
Party Candidate Votes % ±
PS Sophie Dessus 33,247 51.45
UMP Michel Paillasou 17,875 27.66
FG Christian Audouin 6,695 10.36
FN Nicole Daccord 4,501 6.96
Europe Écologie Eve Aldridge 963 1.49
NC Michele Mounier 588 0.91
Miscellaneous Green Alain Cruzel 338 0.52
Miscellaneous far left Marie-Thérèse Coinaud 265 0.41
Miscellaneous Green Didier Poyer 155 0.24
Turnout 65,881 65.69
PS hold Swing


2007 legislative election: Corrèze's 1st constituency - Runoff
Party Candidate Votes % ±
PS François Hollande 28,470 60.25
UMP Jean-Pierre Decaie 18,784 39.75
Turnout 48,881 74.12
PS hold Swing