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The Corrèze General Council is the general council of Corrèze (France). It was chaired by François Hollande from 2008–2012, although he departed from this position when he took office as the President of France on May 15, 2012. It includes 37 members.


By party[edit]

Party seats %
Union for a Popular Movement 15 40.54%
Socialist Party 14 37.84%
French Communist Party 3 8.11%
Miscellaneous Left 3 8.11%
Miscellaneous Right 2 5.40%
Europe Ecology – The Greens 1 2.70%

By political groups[edit]

Group seats %
Corrèze Tomorrow (Corrèze Demain) 17 45.95%
Corrèze Left (Corrèze à gauche) 17 45.95%
Corrèze Left Earth - Europe Ecology The Greens (Corrèze Terre de gauche - Europe Ecologie Les Verts) 4 10.81%

List of presidents[edit]

Current membership[edit]

Last elections[edit]

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