Corrachadh Mòr

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Corrachadh Mòr to the right and Mull in the distance as seen from the Ardnamurchan Point lighthouse

Corrachadh Mòr ETRS89 (56°42′56.20″N 6°13′40.6″W / 56.7156111°N 6.227944°W / 56.7156111; -6.227944; grid reference NM414662) is a small hillock on the Ardnamurchan peninsula in Lochaber, Highland, Scotland, notable for adjoining the most westerly point on the island of Great Britain. It is about half a degree further west than Land's End in Cornwall.

Depending on which coordinates are used, this headland is 31 metres or 43 metres west of Ardnamurchan Point (about a kilometre to the north). The latter is commonly, but incorrectly, described as the most westerly point on the peninsula.

Corrachadh Mòr as seen from the Ardnamurchan Point lighthouse, in a photograph taken at local noon, when the sun lies due south of the location. Using this as a datum, the westerly extension of Corrachadh Mòr with respect to Ardnamurchan Point is clearly seen.

Corrachadh Mòr means 'great, tapering field' in Scottish Gaelic.

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