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There are 18[1] correction and rehabilitation centers / CRCs (ar. مركز اصلاح وتاهيل) in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan which are operated by the Public Security Departments prison service which answers to the Ministry of Interior.

List of jordanian prisons[edit]

Qafqafa, al Mwaggar 1, and Swaqa incarcerate only convicts and the rest house detainees and convicts in separate housing areas.

Swaqa correction center is the largest of all these centers with a capacity of 2200 inmates. It provides vocational and cultural rehabilitation programs

Fuhais mental hospital accommodates mentally ill prisoners.

The three main inspection bodies include Human Rights Watch, ICRC and the National Centre for Human Rights (Jordan)

CRC (Latinized name) Arabic name Established Designcapacity Georeference in operation?
Suwaqa prison سجن سواقه 2000 31°22′49″N 36°04′18″E / 31.380392°N 36.071727°E / 31.380392; 36.071727 yes
Qafqafa prison سجن قفقفا 32°21′50″N 35°55′42″E / 32.363823°N 35.928260°E / 32.363823; 35.928260
Muwaqqar I 896 31°47′17″N 36°15′42″E / 31.787919°N 36.261672°E / 31.787919; 36.261672 yes
Muwaqqar II 240 yes
Al-Karak prison سجن الكرك
Ma'an prison سجن معان
Al-Aqaba prison 192
Al/Balqa/Salt prison
Um Lulu est. 900
Zarqa prison سجب الزرقاء 900 32°06′16″N 36°07′43″E / 32.104484°N 36.128678°E / 32.104484; 36.128678 yes
Marka prison سجب ماركا 900 31°58′41″N 36°01′07″E / 31.978043°N 36.018584°E / 31.978043; 36.018584 yes
Irbid prison سجن إربد
Al-Rusayfah Juvenile Prison 32°04′00″N 36°02′56″E / 32.066602°N 36.048951°E / 32.066602; 36.048951
Detention and Interrogation Center of the GID yes
Al-Jafr prison سجن الجفر
Juweideh prison / men
Juweideh prison / women
Birain prison سجن بيرين 650

Human rights Abuses[edit]

  • The use of Castor Oil pills during the initial examination. The goal is to provoke diarrhea in order to prevent prisoners from smuggling pills, drugs, razor blades and the like which were previously swallowed into the prison.
  • Beatings by Darak and prison guards with metal sticks and cables

Notable events[edit]

  • Riots broke out among the Tanzimat of Juwaida, Swaqa and Qafqafa in March and April 2006