Correctional Training Facility

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Correctional Training Facility (CTF)
LocationSoledad, Monterey County, California, U.S.
Coordinates36°28′09″N 121°23′00″W / 36.46917°N 121.38333°W / 36.46917; -121.38333Coordinates: 36°28′09″N 121°23′00″W / 36.46917°N 121.38333°W / 36.46917; -121.38333
Security classMinimum–medium
Population5,235 (158.1%) (as of March 1, 2018[1])
Managed byCalifornia Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
WardenCraig Koenig[2]

Correctional Training Facility (CTF) commonly referenced as Soledad State Prison is a state prison located on U.S. Highway 101, 5 miles (8.0 km) north of Soledad, California, adjacent to Salinas Valley State Prison.


Location of Soledad in Monterey County, and Monterey County in California

The institution is divided into three (3) facilities: North Facility, Central Facility, and South Facility. All offer their own programs to the inmate/prisoner population. As of March 2012, the facility's total population was 5,684, or more than 171.6 percent of its design capacity of 3,312.[3]

The South Facility dates back to 1946, when it was used as "Camp Center" and administered by San Quentin State Prison. In 1951, the Central Facility opened, and in 1958 the Northern Facility opened. By 1984, an additional dormitory was added to the Central Facility. Three more dormitories were added in 1996, two more to the Northern Facility and one to the Southern Facility. The Correctional Training Facility covers 680 acres (280 ha). As of 2006-07, there was total number of 1,643 staff and an annual budget of US$150 million.[citation needed]

Fallen officers[edit]

Four officers from the Correctional Training Facility have been killed while on duty.

Notable inmates[edit]


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