Corridors of Genon

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Corridors of Genon
Corridors of Genon
Cover art
Developer(s) Malcolm Evans
Publisher(s) New Generation Software
Platform(s) ZX Spectrum
Genre(s) Arcade , Maze game

Corridors of Genon is a ZX Spectrum video game developed and released by New Generation Software in 1983.



Reviews can be found in the following magazines....

Crash "An unusually addictive game for those who don't mind a bit of figuring" 72/100[2]

Personal Computer Games "The 3D graphics are up to New Generations usual high standard and the sound is also very well used. But I would say the game lacks the sort of variation which has made games like Arcadia and Manic Miner such big hits" 5/10 [3]

Sinclair User "Corridors of Genon is an excellent 3D game from a master of 3D techniques. We cannot recommend it too highly" [4]


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