Corridos de Muerte

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Corridos de Muerte
Corridos de Muerte.jpg
Studio album by Asesino
Released 2002 (2002)
Recorded 2002
Genre Deathgrind, death metal
Length 37:08
Label Kool Arrow, Hawino
Asesino chronology
Corridos de Muerte
Cristo Satánico

Corridos de Muerte (Tales of Death) is the first album by deathgrind band Asesino, first released in 2002. It was re-released in 2005 with a bonus DVD.

The opening sample of "Asesino" comes from the Spanish movie The Day of the Beast.

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Maldito X; all music composed by Asesino.

No. Title Length
1. "Asesino" (Assassin) 2:33
2. "Rey De La Selva" (King of the Jungle) 2:39
3. "Despedazando Muertos" (Tearing Apart the Dead) 2:47
4. "Secuestro Nuestro" (Kidnap of Ours) 3:14
5. "Amor Marrano" (Pig Love) 2:46
6. "Luchador Violador" (Rapist Wrestler) 1:52
7. "El Patrón Mandó" (The Boss Ordered) 2:03
8. "Cyko Matón" (Psycho Killer) 2:28
9. "Carnicero" (Butcher) 2:41
10. "Chota Sucia" (Dirty Cops) 2:42
11. "¿Donde Está Mi Corte?" (Where's My Cut?) 2:19
12. "La Ejecución" (The Execution) 4:42
13. "Corrido Del Asesino" (Tale-song of the Assassin) 4:13
14. "Untitled"  
Total length: 37:08