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Corruption in Mauritius is a widespread and growing problem. In cables leaked from the US embassy the problem with corruption was referred to as "pervasive and ingrained".[1] The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) investigates offenses and can confiscate the proceeds of corruption and money laundering.[2] In 2008, the Director of the Mauritius Customs service stated that stated that, during a meeting on April 11, 2008, with government officials, including the Financial Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and Deputy Commissioner of Police, he was told in no uncertain terms that he should remain quiet about the alleged corruption because if it were to become public, it could bring down the current government of Mauritius.[3] In 2013, Dutch dredging group Boskalis has been fined the equivalent of €1000 by a court in Mauritius for making illicit payments to a port official.[4] In February 2016, the outgoing United States ambassador to Mauritius stated that there is so much turmoil at the Independent Commission Against Corruption that it has lost its credibility.[5] In April 2016, the Independent Commission Against Corruption opened an investigation in the recruitment of the director of the Independent Broadcasting Authority (Mauritius).[6] In April 2016, the Independent Commission Against Corruption recommended formal proceedings against the former Minister of the Environment.[7] In May 2016, the representative of Cisco System filed suit against the National Computer Board and executives of the Mauritius Qualifications Authority. It was alleged that a bribe is required for all government projects.[8]

Corruption levels[edit]

The everyday Mauritian is the “traceur” or “magouilleur” par excellence – familiar examples being falsifying a home address to get a child into a perceived “star school”, bribing whoever it takes to pass a driving test.[9] According to Transparency International, which measure the perceived level of public sector corruption and publish the annual Corruption Perception Index (CPI), in 2012, Mauritius scored 57 and is ranked 43rd (of 176) and 3rd in Africa.[10] The CPI rates countries from 0 ("highly corrupt") to 100 ("highly clean"), reflecting perceived levels of corruption.....


In 2003, the former Housing and Lands Minister was arrested and charged with conspiracy to accept bribes.[11] In 2007, a municipal councilor was stopped on suspicion of trading in influence. [12] In 2016, Alentaris selected the candidates for the job of director of the Independent Broadcasting Authority. The president of the Independent Broadcasting Authority, who was a member of the political party in power, was hired as director.[13] In 2017, a newspaper uncovered the questionable practice of the director of the Independent Broadcasting Authority to solicit USD 15 000 from investors for each project which required the collaboration of a government ministry.[14]

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A world map of the 2016 Corruption Perceptions Index by Transparency International