Cors Fochno

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Cors Fochno
Borth Bog
UNESCO biosphere reserve
Cors Fochno Aberleri Nature Reserve.jpg
Cors Fochno, Aberleri Nature Reserve
Country Wales
County Ceredigion
Location Borth
 - coordinates 52°30′14″N 4°02′31″W / 52.50376°N 4.04193°W / 52.50376; -4.04193Coordinates: 52°30′14″N 4°02′31″W / 52.50376°N 4.04193°W / 52.50376; -4.04193
Biome Raised bog
Plants Bracken, gorse, heather, Scots pine
Animals Adder, badger, blackcap, buzzard, Dartford warbler, fallow deer, nightingale, nightjar, willow warbler, woodcock, Otters, red kites, peregrines, hen harriers, Welsh Mountain Ponies
Designated 5 January 1976

Cors Fochno is a raised peat mire located near to the village of Borth, in the county of Ceredigion, Wales. Lying on the south side of the Dyfi estuary, it forms a component part of the Dyfi National Nature Reserve. It was designated a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) biosphere reserve in 1976, and is the only such reserve in Wales.[1]

A significant portion of the 652 acres (264 ha) former peatland complex was taken for agriculture; the surviving core area supports the largest expanse of primary near-natural raised bog in an estuarine context within the United Kingdom.[2]

Cors Fochno with Borth in the background

General site character[edit]

  • Bogs. Marshes. Water fringed vegetation. Fens (85%)
  • Heath. Scrub. Maquis and garrigue. Phygrana (9%)
  • Humid grassland. Mesophile grassland (5%)
  • Improved grassland (1%)[2]


Part of the Dyfi National Nature Reserve, Cors Fochno contains several varieties of peat moss and carnivorous plant.[3]


Cors Fochno

Otters, red kites, common buzzards, peregrines and hen harriers can be found here together with a number of Welsh Mountain Ponies,[3] and adder, badger, blackcap, Dartford warbler, fallow deer, nightingale, nightjar, willow warbler, and woodcock. The site holds a population of rosy marsh moth, a very rare species in the UK.

In popular culture[edit]

  • Borth, Borth bog, and the Borth railway station form the backdrop to the main storyline in Season 1, Episode 4 ("The Girl in the Water") of Y Gwyll (Hinterland in English), transmitted on S4C in 2013 and BBC1 Wales in January 2014.


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