Corsica River

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Corsica River
Country United States
State Maryland
District Queen Anne's County
 - left Earle Creek
 - right Alder Branch
Emory Creek
 - location Centreville
 - elevation 0 ft (0 m)
 - coordinates 39°3′22″N 76°4′28″W / 39.05611°N 76.07444°W / 39.05611; -76.07444
Mouth Chester River
 - elevation 0 ft (0 m)
 - coordinates 39°5′13″N 76°9′20″W / 39.08694°N 76.15556°W / 39.08694; -76.15556Coordinates: 39°5′13″N 76°9′20″W / 39.08694°N 76.15556°W / 39.08694; -76.15556

The Corsica River is a tidal river in Queen Anne's County in the U.S. state of Maryland.[1] The river begins near Centreville and empties into the Chester River.

Variant names[edit]

The United States Geological Survey records[1] the following variant names for the Corsica River:

  • Corsaca Creek
  • Corseca Creek
  • Corsica Creek
  • Coursaca Creeke
  • Coursegall Creek
  • Coursevall Creek
  • Coursivall Creek
  • Coursys Creek
  • Croseor Creeke
  • Muddy Branch

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