Cortaillod culture

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Cortaillod culture
Geographical rangeValais, West and Central Switzerland.
PeriodLater Neolithic
Dates3900-3500 BC
Preceded byClassic Cortaillod, Early Cortaillod
Followed byHorgen culture
Dates and locations of prehistoric Swiss cultures

The Cortaillod culture is one of several archaeologically defined cultures belonging to the Neolithic period of Switzerland. The Cortaillod Culture in the west of the region is contemporary with the Pfyn Culture in the east and dates from between 3900-3500 BC. The Classic Cortaillod Culture of the western Alpine foreland and the Early Cortaillod Culture of central Switzerland pre-date this at 4300-3900 BC.

Evidence such as higher frequencies of dog bones and pendants made from dog metapodials suggests a special relationship between dog and man during the later part of this period in the western part and the early Horgen culture in the eastern part of the Alpine foreland.


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