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Cortina Systems, Inc. is a supplier of integrated circuits (ICs) for broadband communications founded in 2001. It is based in California.


Cortina Systems was founded by Amir Nayyerhabibi (who served as president and CEO) in 2001 in the Menlo Park, California library, located in Silicon Valley. It has development centers in USA, Canada, China, Taiwan, Israel.

Cortina’s product line spans computer and telecommunication networking: the company has products for core, enterprise, metropolitan high-speed networks, as well as products for the digital home networks. Products include:

  • Ethernet: 1-, 2-, and 4-port 10Gbit/s Ethernet MACs; 4-, 10-, 12-, and 24-port 1Gbit/s Ethernet MACs
  • Transport: 2.5Gbit/s, 10Gbit/s and 40Gbit/s FEC/OTN Framers; 100Gbit/s FEC/OTN/Ethernet Framer; 2.5G and 10Gbit/s VCAT framer
  • Framer: SONET/SDH POS, ATM, and GFP framer for OC-3 to OC-192 with integrated SerDes; RPR framer, RPR bridge
  • Access: 4-port EPON OLT, EPON ONU
  • PHY: 10Mbit/s transceiver; 1-, 2-, 4-, and 8-port Fast Ethernet transceivers: 6- and 8-port Fast Ethernet repeaters
  • T1/E1: 1-, 4-, and 8-port T1/E1/J1 transceivers and repeaters; OC3 transceiver
  • Digital Home Processor: Multi-core, Storage, Security

In 2006 it announced the Interlaken protocol with Cisco Systems.[1]


Cortina is a fabless semiconductor company. It outsources all semiconductor manufacturing to merchant foundries. The company is based in Sunnyvale, California. It also has other research and development sites in Hsinchu (Taiwan), Ottawa (Canada), Raleigh (USA) and Shanghai (China).


Cortina has acquired several companies.. In October 2014 Cortina was acquired by Inphi in October 2014, with the exception of Cortina’s Access and Digital Home business.

Date Acquired Company Expertise
2004 Azanda Network Devices Traffic management and ATM Segmentation and Reassembly products[2][3]
2006 Intel Optical Networking – Component Division Ethernet Framers, Ethernet PHYs, Optical Transport FEC framers, Ethernet over SONET service framers, and T1/E1 Line Interface Units[4][5]
2007 Immenstar Passive optical networking system-on-chip technology[6]
2008 Storm Semiconductor Network processors for the home[7]


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