Cortinarius ponderosus

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Cortinarius ponderosus
Cortinarius ponderosus AR.JPG
Scientific classification
C. ponderosus
Binomial name
Cortinarius ponderosus
Cortinarius ponderosus
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Mycological characteristics
gills on hymenium
cap is convex
hymenium is adnate
stipe is bare
spore print is yellow
ecology is mycorrhizal
edibility: edible

Cortinarius ponderosus, also known as the Ponderous Cortinarius, is a basidiomycete mushroom of the genus Cortinarius. It is very large and due to its thick stem it can be mistaken for Boletus edulis.


This mushroom is one of the largest mushrooms in the genus Cortinarius, with a convex cap that ranges from 8 to 38 cm across and becomes plane in age. It often has an olive metallic tinge, and the surface is viscid, often with small rusty brown scales. The margin is ocher and remains inrolled until the mushroom is fully mature. The flesh of the mushroom is white, thick and firm. The gills are rusty brown, adnate and slightly decurrent. The stalk is thick and bulbous at the base. It has a slimy yellow universal veil, and the cortina leaves a rusty brown hairy area on the upper stalk.

Spores 1000x

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