Cortona Triptych

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The Triptych

The Cortona Triptych is a depiction of the Madonna and Child with saints, by Fra Angelico now at the Diocesan Museum, Cortona, Italy. It dates from 1436-1437.[1]

The triptych was originally painted for the church of San Domenico in Cortona, and belonged to the Dominicans. It was painted in Fiesole, and then shipped to Cortona, probably just before Fra Angelico painted the Perugia Altarpiece in 1437, with which this work shares many common elements.


The predella depicts the story of Saint Dominic along with other saints:

Angelico, cortona poliptych, predella 03.jpg Angelico, cortona poliptych, predella 04.jpg Angelico, cortona poliptych, predella 05.jpg

The predella of the triptych


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