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Corvus Hungary LLC
Privately held company
Industry Aerospace
Founded Aug 2011
Headquarters Hungary
Key people
Chief Executive Engineer: Andras Voloscsuk
Products Light aircraft
Number of employees

Corvus Hungary LLC is an aircraft manufacturer that was founded in 2011 to produce the Corvus Fusion aircraft.


Started in 2004, originally named Corvus Aircraft Ltd and based in Ballószög, Hungary,[1][2] the company consisted of five employees including Managing Director Tamás Gecse and Chief Engineer Andras Voloscsuk.[3] The company developed the Corvus Corone Mk 1 aircraft.[4]

Corvus Aircraft began development of the UL Corvus Corone MK II in 2006 and had its first company presence at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh airshow in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA.[4]

Corvus Aircraft debuted its Corvus Phantom aircraft in 2007.[4] Corvus Aircraft also signed a contract with Red Bull for developing a new airplane, the Corvus Racer 540, for Peter Besenyei designed especially for air racing.[5]

In August 2011, a new company Corvus Hungary LLC was formed, based in Hungary, to develop the Corvus Fusion aircraft.[6]

In 2012 the company established a joint venture, called Corvus Aerospace (Suzhou) in Suzhou, China, to manufacturer parts and develop the Corvus Racer 312, a smaller version of the Corvus Racer 540 for the European microlight and American light sport aircraft categories. The new design first flew on 1 November 2013[7]


Corvus Phantom
Summary of aircraft built by Corvus Hungary LLC
Model name First flight Number built Type
Corvus Phantom 2006 two-seat, ultralight aircraft
Corvus Racer 540 2010 low wing, high performance aerobatic aircraft
Corvus Racer 312 2013 low wing, high performance microlight aircraft
Corvus Fusion 2012 1 two-seat, low wing, light-sport aircraft


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