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Corwith–Wesley Community School District was a school district based in Corwith, Iowa,[1] serving Corwith and Wesley. The district occupied sections of Hancock and Kossuth counties as well as a small portion of Wright County.[2]


In 1984, Corwith–Wesley established a grade-sharing arrangement,[3] in which it operated Corwith-Wesley-Lu Verne High School, with the Lu Verne Community School District sending its secondary students there. This continued for the remainder of the district's existence.[4]

On July 1, 1988, the Boone Valley Community School District dissolved, with a portion assigned to Corwith–Wesley.[5]

By 2013, there were 115 students of all grade levels within the Corwith–Wesley district and 86 in the Lu Verne district; districts cannot merge under Iowa law if they have fewer than 200 students total,[3] and lower enrollments means getting less funds from the Iowa state government.[6] At the time the two districts were trying to find a third school district for a new grade-sharing arrangement.[3]

In September 2014, Corwith–Wesley residents voted to dissolve their district on a 101–78 basis.[7] The district dissolved on July 1, 2015, with portions going to the Algona, Clarion–Goldfield–Dows, LuVerne and West Hancock districts.[5] LuVerne received the majority of the territory, with 87% of the land.[7] Most of its primary students were scheduled to go to Lu Verne schools and most of its secondary students were scheduled to go to Algona schools.[8]


The Corwith school building had three stories.[9] It closed in 2015, and its demolition was anticipated in 2016.[10]

In 2009, the Wesley campus closed since the district had been sending students to LuVerne. The district sold it to the city government, which in 2014 primarily used it as a storage center, and had removed the school's utilities.[9]


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