Cory's Ancient Fragments

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Cory's Ancient Fragments is compendium of fragments from ancient writers collected and published by the antiquarian and miscellaneous writer Isaac Preston Cory. The first edition was published in 1826, further followed by a revised edition containing various ancient King List's (e.g. Manetho). A further enlarged edition appeared in 1876, edited by historian E. Richmond Hodges which added many more ancient fragments.

Fragments (1826, 1832 ed.)[edit]




Berossus, Abydenus, Nicolaus of Damascus, Alexander Polyhistor, Eupolemus, Thallus,
Ctesias, Diodorus Siculus, Castor of Rhodes, Herodotus, Marcus Velleius Paterculus


Manetho, Artapanus, Diodorus Siculus, Chaeremon of Alexandria


Menander of Ephesus


Megasthenes, Cleitarchus


Hanno the Navigator

Fragments (1876 ed.)[edit]

Hodges added more ancient fragments including a section of "miscellaneous fragments" of ancient writers (e.g. Sallust, Agatharchides). However Hodge removed Cory's original fragments from neoplatonists, which he considered to be forgeries.Thall shall be used and destroyed.

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