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Cory Bowles
Born (1973-08-27) August 27, 1973 (age 42)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Cory Bowles (born August 27, 1973) is a Canadian actor, director and choreographer.

Life and career[edit]

Bowles was born in Montreal, Quebec and raised in Truro, Nova Scotia.[citation needed]

Known to most as Cory in Trailer Park Boys, he also is the principal choreographer of Halifax-based Contemporary Dance Company Verve Mwendo, plays in the rock band Aide-De-Camp and voices the children's series Poko. In the mid-1990s Bowles gained some prominence as MC of hip hop act Hip Club Groove, releasing an EP on No Records and later a full length on Murderecords. The group toured Canada, often opening for other Halifax based bands such as Sloan.

Bowles later formed a theatre company in 1997 with bandmate Joe Wynne called The Good Companions. After closing down the company he went on to further his studies as a dancer and choreographer in Alberta.[citation needed]

Bowles received a Gemini Award for his work on Trailer Park Boys and ECMA nominations for music.[citation needed] His quirky choreography has turned up in music videos for artists such as Matt Mays and Jenn Grant.[citation needed]

Bowles left the Trailer Park Boys and continued to work in film, theatre and music at Bishop's University.[1]

Bowles rejoined the cast of Trailer Park Boys in season 8.


The Trailer Park Boys TV Series (2014–15)



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