Cory Kenyon

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Mary Tate Engels &
Vicki Lewis Thompson
Pen name Cory Kenyon
Corey Keaton
Occupation Novelists
Nationality American
Genre Romance

Cory Kenyon and Corey Keaton are pseudonyms used by Mary Tate Engels and Vicki Lewis Thompson, two American writers who wrote collaboratively.


As Cory Kenyon[edit]

Single Novels[edit]

  • Sheer Delight (1986)
  • Fortune Hunter (1986)
  • Ruffled Feathers (1986)
  • The Quintessential Woman (1987)
  • Fancy Footwork (1987)

As Corey Keaton[edit]

Single Novel[edit]

  • The Nesting Instinct (1989)