Corynephorus canescens

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Grey Hair-grass(UK)
Gray clubawn grass (USA)
Corynephorus canescens
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Monocots
(unranked): Commelinids
Order: Poales
Family: Poaceae
Genus: Corynephorus
Species: C. canescens
Binomial name
Corynephorus canescens
(L.) P.Beauv.
  • Aira canescens L.
  • Avena canescens (L.) Weber
  • Agrostis canescens (L.) Salisb. not Griseb.
  • Weingaertneria canescens (L.) Bernh.
  • Aira variegata St.-Amans
  • Corynephorus incanescens Bubani
  • Aira breviculmis Loisel.
  • Aira triflora Willd. ex Steud.

Corynephorus canescens, common name grey hair-grass[2] or gray clubawn grass,[3] is species of plants in the grass family, native to Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa but widely naturalized in North America.[1][4][3] In the United Kingdom it is rare. It can be found at sites such as Wangford Warren and Carr, a Site of Special Scientific Interest in the Breckland area of Suffolk.[5][6]


It has panicles which are 1.5–8 centimetres (0.59–3.15 in) long and 0.5–1.5 centimetres (0.20–0.59 in) wide. Its pedicels are 1–3 millimetres (0.039–0.118 in) in length while the leaf blades are 2–6 centimetres (0.79–2.36 in) long and 0.3–0.5 millimetres (0.012–0.020 in) wide. Both the upper and lower glumes are shiny, lanceolate, and membranous. The lemma have a dorsal awn and dentate apex with obscure lateral veins. Its fertile lemma is ovate, keeless, membranous and is 1.8–2.2 millimetres (0.071–0.087 in) long. The floret callus is hairy with rhachilla internodes being pilosed. The flowers have three stamens which are 1.2–1.6 millimetres (0.047–0.063 in) long.[4]


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