Cosenza Calcio 1914

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Full name Cosenza Calcio 1914
Founded 1914
2007 (Fortitudo Cosenza)[nb 1]
Dissolved 2005 (Cosenza Calcio 1914 SpA)[nb 1]
2011 (Cosenza Calcio 1914 Srl)
Ground Stadio San Vito, Cosenza
Website Club home page

Cosenza Calcio 1914 was a professional Italian football club based in Cosenza, Calabria.

It starts in 1914 when was founded Società Sportiva Fortitudo. The club was expelled from the professional leagues in 2003, only readmitted a year later in Serie D.[1][2] In 2005 the club folded,[3] ended its 91 years of history.

From 2003 to 2007 A.S. Cosenza Calcio claimed as the successor, which was relocated from nearby town. Again 2007, Fortitudo Cosenza was relocated from Rende as the new successor, and renamed to Cosenza Calcio 1914 Srl in 2008. However, the spiritual successor folded again in 2011, which yet another new club Nuova Cosenza Calcio was refound using Article 52 of N.O.I.F. in 2011–12 Serie D.

From 1914 to 2005[edit]

Cosenza Calcio 1914 SpA[edit]

Early times and Serie B[edit]

The club was founded in 1914 as Società Sportiva Fortitudo and renamed as Cosenza Calcio 1914 in 1920[citation needed][4] and enjoyed a long time in the professional leagues, spending several years in the Serie B and launching several famous players. They also won the Anglo-Italian Cup in 1983. During the 1980s and the 1990s, the Calabrian side barely missed promotion to the Italian top flight several times, most notably in 1989, when they ended with the same points than fourth-placed Cremonese and Reggina, but being not admitted to the promotion playoff as having the worst results of the three in head-to-head matches. In 1991–92, Cosenza lost promotion again, with a final fifth place only two points behind of Udinese.

Serie D times[edit]

Following these highs, the club successively started experiencing hard times, being ultimately excluded in July 2003 by the federation due to financial issues, leaving Cosenza suddenly without a club.

In 2004, it franchise was however admitted back into Serie D following a judicial sentence, together the new A.S. Cosenza F.C.: this caused the city of Cosenza to have two different "rival" clubs into the same division. This lasted only one year, as Cosenza 1914 finally folded.

Notable former players[edit]

International footballers of Cosenza Calcio 1914

Colors and badge[edit]

The team's official colours were red and blue.


Shirt sponsors and manufacturers[edit]

Period Kit manufacturer Shirt sponsor
1985–1986 ADIDAS P.A.C.
1987–1988 DEGI Terme Luigiane
1988–1989 DEGI Lagostina
1989–1990 ABM CORVASCE
1990–1991 ABM STANLEY
1991–1992 ASICS DODARO
1995–1996 Hummel Caffe' Aiello
1996–1997 Hummel Carical
1998–2000 Kappa Provincia di Cosenza
2001–2002 Legea Provincia di Cosenza

Spiritual Successors[edit]

A.S. Cosenza Calcio (2003–07)[edit]

Main article: A.S. Cosenza Calcio

Castrovillari was relocated to Cosenza in 2003. The club spent 4 seasons in Serie D.

Fortitudo Cosenza (2007–11)[edit]

In 2007, Cosenza gave up its Serie D membership, but all the team players later joined new club Fortitudo Cosenza, born as relocation of Rende Calcio, a team from the neighbouring city of Rende which was relegated from Serie C2 in 2006–07 and moved to Cosenza soon after. The new club quickly managed to win the Serie D/Girone I championship in 2007–08, ensuring a place back into the Lega Pro Seconda Divisione (the renamed Serie C2) for the 2008–09 season.

Cosenza lineup in 2008–09
Tifosi in May 2008

Three seasons in professionalism[edit]

Following this, the new club renamed itself, taking the old historical denomination of Cosenza Calcio 1914 with the aim to rise up the Italian football pyramid. In 2008–09, their first season in the Lega Pro, Cosenza showed all of their intentions by winning the Lega Pro Seconda Divisione/Girone C championship. The team played the 2009–10 season in the Lega Pro Prima Divisione/Girone B, finishing 11th in the table.

At the end of the 2010-11 Lega Pro Prima Divisione season the team was relegated after losing the playoff. The team was then excluded from professional Championship by Co.Vi.Soc. and it didn't appeal.

During the professional seasons, former president Damiano Paletta was suspended in June 2009 for 6 months for irregularity in administrations. [5] The ban was reduced after an appeal.[6]


Shirt sponsors and manufacturers[edit]

Period Kit manufacturer Shirt sponsor
2008–2009 Onze Simet/Hit Shop
2009–2011 Onze Aiello

Nuova Cosenza Calcio[edit]

In summer 2011 a new club was founded as Nuova Cosenza Calcio and restarted from Serie D[7][8] It wins promotion playoffs, but it is not automatically promoted.


  1. ^ a b A.S. Cosenza F.C., found 2003 had a overlapped history with Cosenza Calcio 1914 SpA until 2005. Since 2005 renamed to A.S. Cosenza Calcio as a spiritual successor.


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