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Cosijopii II also Cosiiopii II (1502–1563)[1] was the last sovereign of the kingdom of Zaachila, that was named by the aztecs as Teosapotlan. Such kingdom was located in the west side of the current mexican state of Oaxaca and during the last period reached the pacific coast of the current Chiapas and Guatemala, the Zaachila kingdom fell down after the spanish colonization. Cosiiopii II Succeeding his father Cosijoeza to the throne in 1529, Cosijopii moved his capital from Zaachila city to Guiengola at some point in the mid-sixteenth century.[2] The Zapotec areas of Oaxaca were under his command when the conquistador Pedro de Alvarado arrived in Tehuantepec. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, Cosijopii II subsequently "embraced the Catholic Faith,"[3] apparently turning control over his kingdom to the Spanish.

He later built the Convent of Santo Domingo in Tehuantepec.

Preceded by
King of Zaachila
Succeeded by


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