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Cosima von Bonin
Cosima Bonin

Alma materHamburg Academy

Cosima von Bonin (born 1962) is a German contemporary artist.[1][2] von Bonin's practice features the use of sculptures, textiles, sound, film and performances.[3] von Bonin draws inspiration from the intellectual, artistic, and musical culture of her neighborhood in Cologne, Germany, where she currently lives and works.[1][4]

Early life[edit]

Cosima von Bonin was born in Mombasa, Kenya[5] and raised in Austria.[6] von Bonin graduated from the Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg (University of Fine Arts in Hamburg). As a student her first memorable work, in a collaboration with Josef Strau, occurred as she exhibited herself in a window display at a Hamburg showroom in 1990.[7]


One focus of von Bonin's artistic works is the relationship between works of art and the world of fashion, music and architecture. She often focuses on collective artistic production frequently including collaboration with other artists as well as parties, DJ sets, music performances and audio and video exhibitions.[1] The exhibitions are of an ephemeral nature intended to reject the classical idea of the individual artistic genius.[1]

Select solo exhibitions[edit]

Exhibition at mumok, Vienna

Select group exhibitions[edit]

  • Documenta 12 (2007)[5]
  • Home Sweet Home, Deichtorhallen (1997)[5]
  • First Graz Fan Fest (1995)
  • Glockengeschrei nach Deutz - das Beste aller Seiten (The Bell Screams Towards Deutz - the Best of all Sides) (1996)

Public collections[edit]

Bonin's art can be found in a number of public collections, including:

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