Cosimo Aldo Cannone

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Cosimo Aldo Cannone
Cosimo Aldo Cannone 2.jpg
Nationality Italian
Born (1984-03-20) March 20, 1984 (age 33)
Brindisi, Italy
Retired 2009
Years active 2003-2009
Teams Cannone Racing
Wins 13
Poles 24
Fastest laps 35
Best finish 1st in 2007-2008
Previous series
Endurance World Championship
S1 Class

Cosimo Aldo Cannone (born 20 March 1984) is a retired Italian Endurance S One racing driver and a two-time World Champion, who has been racing for Cannone.

Cosimo Aldo Cannone of Macedonia (Brindisi, 20 March 1984) is an Italian pilot motorboat, known as the Prince of Macedonia, because of his noble descent, in the world of sport is also nicknamed Alcan (from "Aldo Cannone").

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