Cosimo Fusco

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Cosimo Fusco
Born Cosimo Massimo Fusco
Matera, Italy
Occupation Film, television actor
Years active 1986 - present

Cosimo Massimo Fusco is an Italian actor.

Born in Matera, Italy, Fusco was educated in Los Angeles, Rome and Paris.[1] He is probably best known for his role as Paolo in the American sitcom Friends. He had roles in several Italian, German and American series and movies. His latest work is Angels and Demons, the adaptation of Dan Brown's novel. He also appeared in the films Gone in 60 Seconds and Coco Chanel, and in one episode of Alias. He played the role of Judge Somaschi in the Italian series The Good and the Bad (Il bene e il male) from 2008-2009.

Fusco speaks Italian, English and French. He lives in Rome.



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