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Cosmi Corporation (COSMI) is an American computer software company based in Carson, California.

Software publishing[edit]

Cosmi Corporation was established in 1982, founded by George Johnson.[1] The company published titles for many personal computer systems such as the Atari 8-bit family, Commodore 64 and IBM PC.[2] This included many games, such as Forbidden Forest, The President Is Missing, or the very popular Aztec Challenge. It also published utility software including a database, word processor, spreadsheet, street maps, vacation planners, a 3D World Atlas, and other tools.[3][4]


Cosmi products include business and productivity, graphics and publishing, utilities, learning, languages, and games software.[5]

Cosmi produces famous titles such as:[5]

  • Print Perfect Scrapbook Deluxe - Creates memorable scrapbook layouts, templates, designs, decorative artwork, and photo editing tools.
  • mySkins iPod Video - Styles and protects the surface of the iPod.
  • Website Promoter - Contains tools that will drive traffic to a website, optimise rankings in key search engines, and boost site's popularity.

Recent activity[edit]

In recent years,[when?] Cosmi published shovelware sold at Best Buy and Office Depot.[6][7] They still publish utility programs, such as Perfect Website Creator.[8]

Cosmi published a version of called Platinum Perfect Pro Office System Software.[9]

In 2012, Cosmi acquired ValuSoft from the now-defunct video game publisher THQ for an undisclosed sum.[10]


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