Cosmic Dust (band)

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Cosmic Dust
Years active1990–2017
LabelsPeterson Entertainment, llc
MembersJim Templeton
Gary Edighoffer
Mike Doolin
Charles Neal
Sam Hallam
Past membersMyles Kennedy
Clipper Anderson
Gary Edighoffer
Scott Reusser,
Charlie Doggett
Chris Mosley
John Nastos
Pete Petersen

Cosmic Dust, also known as the Cosmic Dust Fusion Band, is an instrumental jazz band formed in 1990 by Jim Templeton. The band was the first well-known group that guitarist Myles Kennedy played in. The original lineup consisted of Jim Templeton on keyboard, Gary Edighoffer on saxophone, Clipper Anderson on double bass, Myles Kennedy on guitar, and Scott Reusser on drums. Kennedy eventually left the band and went on to become the lead vocalist/lead guitarist for a jazz fusion group called Citizen Swing and later an alternative rock band called The Mayfield Four. Kennedy is now fronting and playing guitar for the hard rock/alternative metal band Alter Bridge, which he helped form with Creed members Mark Tremonti, Scott Phillips, and Brian Marshall in 2004, and is also the lead vocalist for Slash's solo band on tour.

Over the years, bands members have changed as Jim moved from Spokane, WA to Vancouver, WA to take advantage of the music scene near Portland, OR. (Jim had an extended stint in Denmark where his son Janus is a popular jazz drummer. Jim spent his time teaching music at an University there). After moving to Vancouver, Jim got his new band up and running and opened a jazz club named Ivories located in downtown Portland. After several years the club closed as the jazz scene in Portland waned. The same year Ivories closed, a dozen other venues that featured jazz also closed. The band went through several iterations as fusion was not, and is not, a popular draw in Portland. The band's third and final release "The Dust Also Rises" was more of a final documentation of Jim's tunes than a commercial release. Mike Doolin and Charles Neal remained in the band for the third release with original member, and long-time Spokane, WA friend, Gary Edighoffer returning for the third, and final, Cosmic Dust album.

Cosmic Dust has three albums, Journey in 1991, Step Right Up! in 2008 and The Dust Also Rises in 2017. All albums are carried by Peterson Entertainment, Llc (

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Cosmic Dust is based out of Vancouver, WA/Portland, OR.[1]


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