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Cosmopolitan Soccer League
Cosmopolitan Soccer League Logo.png
Founded1923; 96 years ago (1923)
First season1923–24
CountryUnited States United States
(North American Football Union)
Number of teams112
Level on pyramid5
Domestic cup(s)U.S. Open Cup
International cup(s)CONCACAF Champions League
Current championsNew York Pancyprian-Freedoms
(8th title)
Most championshipsGerman-Hungarian SC
(11 titles)

The Cosmopolitan Soccer League is a regional soccer league consisting of clubs based in and around New York City. Established in 1923, it is one of the oldest soccer leagues in the United States and has contributed greatly to the nation's soccer history.

Currently, the league has four open divisions. The first two divisions require all clubs to also field reserve teams, a requirement that some leagues have abolished, but which the Cosmopolitan Soccer League believes makes its competition some of the strongest in United States soccer. The league also has an over-30 and an over-36 division. The league is USASA-affiliated.

The Cosmopolitan Soccer League plays a traditional international schedule with competition beginning the second weekend of September and running through June, with a winter break from the middle of December to early or middle March. During the winter months, the league runs an indoor tournament due to New York's cold climate.


The Cosmopolitan Soccer League was formed as the German American Soccer League in 1923. In 1927, the association changed its name to the German American Football Association. The league was highly successful in the 1920s and, in New York, was behind only baseball and basketball in terms of popularity. The league struggled through the Great Depression and by the 1940s the game was viewed by most Americans as an "ethnic" sport. Attendance and popularity declined sharply until the founding of the North American Soccer League in 1968. By the mid-1970s, league officials recognized that in order to maintain the league's viability in the same market as the star-studded New York Cosmos, it needed to appeal to a wider audience and in 1977, it voted to change its name to the Cosmopolitan Soccer League.

Prior to the professionalizing of the modern American game, the United States national team often consisted of Cosmopolitan League players.

2018–2019 team list[edit]

List of the participants in the current season:

Division 1[edit]

Division 2[edit]



Metro Division 1[edit]



Metro Division 2[edit]



Over 30 Division[edit]



Over 39 Division[edit]

In 2014 the league was finally able to convince clubs to create an older division with a view to eventually having a fully fledged Over 40's division. Initially started as the Over 35's with 3 exemptions of 30-34, in 2018-2019 the division is currently Over 39 with 3 exemptions of 34-38. Next year the division will finally be Over 40, with the exemptions status unknown depending upon league votes.

Inactive Clubs[edit]

Past Champions[edit]

Club No. of titles Championship Season
German-Hungarian SC 11 1929–1930, 1932–1933, 1933–1934, 1939–1940, 1940–1941,

1950–1951, 1951–1952, 1953–1954, 1954–1955, 1955–1956,


Greek American AA 9 1963–1964, 1967–1968, 1968–1969, 1969–1970, 2004–2005,

2007–2008, 2008–2009, 2011–2012, 2016–2017

New York Pancyprian-Freedoms 8 1978–1979, 1979–1980, 1981–1982, 2002–2003, 2003–2004,

2009–2010, 2010–2011, 2018–2019

Elizabeth S.C. 7 1937–1938, 1946–1947, 1947–1948, 1948–1949, 1952–1953,

1970–1971*, 1972–1973

New York Athletic Club 1994–1995, 1995–1996, 1996–1997, 1998–1999, 1999–2000,

2000–2001, 2012–2013

Brooklyn Italians 6 1976–1977, 1977–1978, 1980–1981, 1983–1984, 2005–2006,


New York Hungaria 1956–1957, 1958–1959, 1959–1960, 1960–1961, 1961–1962,


SC Eintracht 5 1942–1943, 1943–1944, 1944–1945, 1945–1946, 1949–1950
DFC Newark 4 1927–1928, 1928–1929, 1931–1932, 1936–1937
Lansdowne Bhoys FC 2013–2014, 2014–2015, 2015–2016, 2017–2018
DSC Brooklyn 3 1934–1935, 1935–1936, 1938–1939
Inter-Guiliana SC 1971–1972, 1973–1974, 1975–1976
New York Croatia SC 1985–1986, 1988–1989, 1997–1998
New York Hota/Bavarian SC 1970–1971*, 1986–1987, 1987–1988
Blau-Weiss Gottschee SC 2 1962–1963, 1990–1991
New York Albanians 1989–1990, 2001–2002
New York Ukrainians 1965–1966, 1966–1967
1st SC Vienna 1 1930–1931
Blue Star SC 1964–1965
Clarkstown SC 1993–1994
German-American AC 1941–1942
Hoboken FC 1912 1984–1985
Hudson Dalmatians 1974–1975
Sportfriends SC 1991–1992
Vasco Da Gama SC 1982–1983
  • Both Elizabeth S.C. and New York Hota/Bavarian SC hold the title of champion for the 1970-1971 season

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