Cossacks of the Kuban

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Cossacks of the Kuban
Cossacks of the Kuban.jpg
Directed byIvan Pyryev
Written byNikolai Pogodin
StarringMarina Ladynina
Sergei Lukyanov
Yuri Lyubimov
Aleksandr Khvylya
Klara Luchko
Music byIsaak Dunayevsky
CinematographyValentin Pavlov
Edited byAnna Kulganek
Release date
Running time
112 minutes
CountrySoviet Union

The Cossacks of the Kuban (Russian: Кубанские казаки, translit. Kubanskie kazaki) from Mosfilm (1950) is a color film, glorifying the life of the farmers in the kolkhoz of the Soviet Union's Kuban region, directed by Ivan Pyryev and starring Marina Ladynina, his wife at that time.[1]


The film is set during the early post-war years. In autumn at the inter-collective farm fair, a dashing horse breeder Nikolai (Vladlen Davydov) gets acquainted with an advanced collective farmer Dasha Shelest (Klara Luchko). Their infatuation is mutual, but the lovers, working in different farms will have to overcome the resistance of their leaders, who do not want to lose great employees. Chairman of the "Red Partisans", where Dasha works, Gordei Voron (Sergey Lukyanov) has long been fond of the chairman Galina Peresvetova (Marina Ladynina) of the "Precepts of Ilyich" collective farm where Nikolai works. But he can not muster up the courage to confess his love to her and Galina ends up having to confess first.

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