Cossonay–Gare–Ville funicular

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Cossonay–Gare–Ville funicular
Car and upper station
Type Funicular
Coordinates 46°36′32″N 6°30′59″E / 46.608914°N 6.51648°E / 46.608914; 6.51648Coordinates: 46°36′32″N 6°30′59″E / 46.608914°N 6.51648°E / 46.608914; 6.51648
Owner Transports de la région Morges-Bière-Cossonay
Line length 1,228 metres (4,029 ft)
Track gauge 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 38 in) metre gauge
Maximum incline 13%

The Cossonay–Gare–Ville funicular (French: Funiculaire Cossonay–Gare–Ville) is a funicular railway connecting the town of Cossonay in the Swiss canton of Vaud with Cossonay railway station, on the line from Lausanne to Vallorbe and Yverdon-les-Bains. The lower funicular station is called Cossonay-Gare, but is in the village of Penthalaz. The upper station, some 130 metres (430 ft) above, is named Cossonay-Ville .[1]


The line was opened in 1897, and was initially operated as a water counterbalance funicular. In 1969, the line was automated, still as a water counterbalance funicular. In 1982, the line was rebuilt and converted to electric operation, with new cabins and stations.[1]

The funicular was again completely overhauled between 2012 and 2014, reopening on June 10. At the same time, the 1982-built cabins were refurbished and repainted in its owner's green and cream. During the overhaul period, a replacement bus operated the connection.[2]


The Compagnie du Chemin de fer Funiculaire de la Gare à la Ville de Cossonay , after a name change in 2003 Funiculaire de la Gare à la Ville de Cossonay SA, was founded in 1892. In 2010 the company was merged[3] into the Transports de la région Morges-Bière-Cossonay, which had assumed operation already before, but then on behalf of the original owner company. The funicular is completely automatic and has the following parameters:[1][4]

Number of cars 2
Number of stops 2
Configuration Single track with passing loop
Mode of operation Automated
Track length 1,228 metres (4,029 ft)
Rise 135 metres (443 ft)
Average gradient 11.5%
Maximum gradient 13%
Track gauge 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 38 in) metre gauge
Capacity 47 passengers per car
Maximum speed 4.5 metres per second (15 ft/s)
Travel time 6 minutes

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