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Costa Luminosa

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Costa Luminosa docked at Argostoli's port in Kefalonia Greece
Name: Costa Luminosa
Owner: Carnival Corporation & plc
Operator: Costa Crociere
Port of registry:  Italy, Genoa
Ordered: 12 June 2006
Builder: Fincantieri, Marghera, Italy
Cost: 450 Million
Yard number: 6155
Laid down: 10 October 2007
Launched: 30 June 2008
Christened: 5 June 2009
In service: 5 May 2009
Status: In service
Notes: [1][2][3][4]
General characteristics
Class and type: Hybrid design based on the Vista and Spirit-class cruise ships
Length: 293.5 m (962 ft 11 in)
Beam: 32.3 m (106 ft 0 in)
Draught: 8 m (26 ft 3 in)
Decks: 12 (16 total)
  • 21.6 knots (40.0 km/h; 24.9 mph) (service)
  • 23.6 knots (43.7 km/h; 27.2 mph) (maximum)

2,260 passengers (dual occupancy)

2,826 passengers (maximum occupancy)
Crew: 1,050
Notes: [2][4][5]

MS Costa Luminosa is a cruise ship, owned and operated by Costa Crociere. Costa Luminosa entered service on 5 May 2009. The ship's design is a hybrid, using elements of Spirit-class and Vista-class cruise ships. A sister ship, Costa Deliziosa, was launched in February 2010 and is based on the same design. Costa Luminosa departed Civitavecchia, Italy on 3 June 2009, on her 13-night maiden voyage, with ports of call in Savona, St. Tropez, Barcelona, Lisbon, Le Havre and Amsterdam.[6]

Design and description

Costa Luminosa is the thirteenth ship of Costa Crociere, part of their five-ship expansion program, which includes Costa Pacifica, Costa Deliziosa, Costa Favolosa and Costa Fascinosa. Costa Luminosa and her sister ship, Costa Deliziosa have a gross tonnage of 92,700 each and are 292 metres (958 ft 0 in) long.[7] Costa Luminosa and Costa Deliziosa pioneered in the introduction of a new vessel design, which is a hybrid; using design elements of the Spirit and Vista-class cruise ships.

The ship has 1,130 cabins, four dining areas, a theatre, a cinema and other passenger facilities.[8]

Construction and career

Costa Luminosa and her sister ship, Costa Deliziosa were ordered from the Fincantieri Marghera shipyard on 12 June 2006.[9] The keel of Costa Luminosa was laid on 10 October 2007 in the Fincantieri Marghera shipyard at Venice.[7] She floated out of drydock on 30 June 2008 and completed her sea trials on 30 March 2009.[10] After 18 months, the ship was handed over to Costa Cruises on 1 May 2009.[1]

The christenings of Costa Luminosa, and the Concordia-class Costa Pacifica were held in Genoa on 5 June 2009. It was the first time that two cruise ships were simultaneously christened in Italy. The dual christening ceremony set a then Guinness World record in the category, "Most ships inaugurated in one day by one company". The two ships also launched simultaneously in their shipyard on 5 June 2008; Costa Luminosa in Marghera and Costa Pacifica in Sestri Ponente.[11][12]

Costa Luminosa in Geirangerfjord
Costa Luminosa in Geirangerfjord

Costa Luminosa made her first vernissage cruise on 5 May 2009, a 10-day cruise in the Eastern Mediterranean, departing Venice, with ports of call at Istanbul, Bari, Olympia, Rhodes, Smyrna, Mykonos and Athens. It was followed by mini cruises in Eastern Mediterranean, again departing Venice on 15 May 2009. Her second vernissage cruise was on 19 May 2009.[13] In the summer of 2009, the ship offered 11 and 14-day cruises at the Baltic capitals, Norwegian fjords and the North Cape.[13]

During the 2009–2010 winter season, the ship operated in Dubai, offering seven-day cruises in the Persian Gulf with calls at Dubai, Muscat, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, and Bahrain.[13] After the political problems in Bahrain, the company changed the itinerary removing Bahrain.[14]

Despite claims of sustainable practices by both Costa Cruises and its parent company Carnival, Costa Luminosa continually dumped the toilet waste of its 3,200 passengers and crew in the sea, instead of taking use of harbour facilities, often provided free of charge by Baltic ports. In 2015, Swedish television calculated that over 5,000,000 litres (1,100,000 imp gal; 1,300,000 US gal) of waste was dumped during a single cruise in the Baltic Sea, already damaged by poisonous blue algae.[15]

From 2017 every summer she sails on seven-night cruises to the Greek Islands. During the winter period Costa Luminosa goes on seven-night cruises in the Caribbean.


Coronavirus pandemic

On 2020.02.29, a 68-year-old Italian man in critical condition was transferred from Costa Luminosa to a hospital in the Cayman Islands due to heart issues.[16] On 2020.03.12, the Health Services Authority of the Cayman Islands announced that the man was their first confirmed coronavirus case.[17][18] His death was announced two days later.[16][19]

On 5 March 2020 the vessel left Fort Lauderdale for a transatlantic cruise. Two people disembarked with symptoms of the coronavirus in Puerto Rico. Subsequently, on 13 March 2020, it was confirmed to be due to coronavirus disease 2019 – the first known cases in Puerto Rico.[20] One of the two persons died several days later. Because of the virus outbreak several sick passengers were left at Tenerife and passengers were placed under quarantine in their rooms. The ship was not allowed to dock in Spain. It docked at Marseille, France, discharging sick passengers who flew home distributing the virus,[19] and went to Savona where the rest of the passengers were disembarked on 23 March, many of them sick.[21] After the disembarkation at Marseille, French authorities confirmed 36 people with COVID-19 infection.[22] On 21 March local news in Puerto Rico reported the death of the quarantined Italian woman.[23] On 7 April 2020, A Miami lawyer filed a lawsuit against the Costa Cruises over mishandling and allowing passengers to sail Costa Luminosa despite having flu-like symptoms.[24]

Similar ships

Costa Luminosa at Argostoli's gulf


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