Costa Teguise

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Costa Teguise
Costa Teguise is located in Lanzarote
Costa Teguise
Costa Teguise
Costa Teguise is located in Canary Islands
Costa Teguise
Costa Teguise
Coordinates: 28°59′56″N 13°30′07″W / 28.999°N 13.502°W / 28.999; -13.502Coordinates: 28°59′56″N 13°30′07″W / 28.999°N 13.502°W / 28.999; -13.502
Country Spain
Autonomous Community Canary Islands
ProvinceLas Palmas
 (1 January 2018)
 • Total8,306
Time zoneUTC+00:00 (WET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+01:00 (WEST)
Playa del Jablillo in Costa Teguise

Costa Teguise is a coastal town in the Municipality of Teguise on the island of Lanzarote (in the Canary Islands of Spain). It was built intentionally to accommodate tourism, and prior to building commencing the streets were planned, constructed, and serviced in advance.

The town has four main beaches, all of which are natural: Playa de los Charcos, Playa de las Cucharas, Playa del Jablillo and Playa Bastián.

Residents and frequent visitors of Costa Teguise have nicknamed the town "Breezy Teguise".

Historical Population[edit]

Historical population
2000 2,299—    
2001 2,663+15.8%
2002 3,134+17.7%
2003 3,468+10.7%
2004 3,655+5.4%
2005 4,433+21.3%
2006 4,948+11.6%
2007 5,713+15.5%
2008 6,324+10.7%
2009 6,740+6.6%
2010 7,151+6.1%
2011 7,629+6.7%
2012 7,856+3.0%
2013 7,876+0.3%
2014 7,756−1.5%
2015 7,981+2.9%
2016 8,119+1.7%
2017 8,205+1.1%
2018 8,306+1.2%
Source: INE[1]


Commemorative plaque with the names of the founders of the Colegio Internacional de Lanzarote in Costa Teguise

Costa Teguise has one primary (CEIP Costa Teguise) and one secondary school (Instituto), as well as a private school. (Colegio Arenas Internacional).

The schools teach a wide variety of subjects including languages, such as English, Spanish, German, French and Chinese.

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