Costa Zouliou

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Costa Zouliou
Born1964 (age 56–57)
OccupationRadio announcer
Known forTriple J radio announcer

Costa Zouliou (born 1964 in Melbourne) is an Australian radio announcer best known for his work at Triple J.[1] Although born in Melbourne, he was raised, and now lives in Brisbane. He is currently[when?] working behind-the-scenes and presenting fill-in shifts at radio station ABC Classic FM.[2] He was recently behind a campaign to change the name of the Go Between Bridge in Brisbane to The Go-Betweens Bridge, to correctly refer to the iconic Brisbane band, The Go-Betweens.[3]

He started as the host of a short "What’s Happening" program on Friday, later Saturday nights. He became host of the heavy metal show, Three Hours of Power[4] after Francis Leach moved on. He held this role until 2000,[5] after which he switched to do Drive for a year,[6] followed by his most current role of Weekend Lunch from 2003[7] until 2005.[1] He then became a sound engineer for ABC "Classic FM" and ABC "Radio National".

Costa has been a member of the management committee of Q Music, the Queensland music industry organisation since April 2004, and is also involved with Straight Out of Brisbane, an annual arts and culture festival in Brisbane.[8]

On 19 December 2018, he will be presenting the first episode of a summer fill-in show on Double J called Rock Up.[9]


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