Costești-Cetățuie Dacian fortress

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Costești-Cetățuie Dacian fortress
Cetatea Dacica Costești-Cetățuie
Cetatea Costesti.JPG
Costești-Cetățuie Dacian fortress is located in Romania
Costești-Cetățuie Dacian fortress
Shown within Romania
LocationCetățuie,​ Costești,​ Hunedoara,​ Romania
Coordinates45°40′49″N 23°09′15″E / 45.680189°N 23.154285°E / 45.680189; 23.154285Coordinates: 45°40′49″N 23°09′15″E / 45.680189°N 23.154285°E / 45.680189; 23.154285
Altitude514 m (1,686 ft)
AreaHunedoara County
FoundedIst century BC
Abandoned2nd century AD
EventsTrajan's Dacian Wars
Site notes
Reference no.906
Reference no.HD-I-s-A-03177 [1]

The Costești - Cetățuie dacian fortress was a Dacian fortified town located in Hunedoara, Romania and belongs to The Six Dacian Fortresses in the Orăștie Mountains complex . The ancient fortress was built in the Ist century BC, during Burebista`s Rule with the purpose of defending against the Romans. It`s being found near the village of Costești, Orăștioara de Sus comune.

Information about the fortress[edit]

The site is located in the river valley of Apa Grădiștei. The superior plateau of the hill where it`s situated is 514 m above the sea level. It was a strong fortress which had a defensive role. It`s being told that it had a civil settlement at the base and it was the regular residence of the Transylvanian dacian kings. Another important role was also the guarding of the road to Sarmizegetusa Regia.



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