Costotransverse ligament

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Costotransverse ligament
From rib
To transverse process of a vertebra
Latin ligamentum costotransversarium
TA A03.3.04.006
FMA 12163
Anatomical terminology

A Costotransverse ligament is a short fibrous band that connects a rib with the transverse process of vertebra. They are some of the ligaments that surround the costovertebral joint.


There are three types of costotransverse ligaments in the human body: costo-transverse ligament; lateral costotransverse ligament; and superior costotransverse ligament. In addition, some sources also list the inferior costotransverse ligament, and the posterior costotransverse ligament in this grouping.


  • Support and prevent dislocation of ribs and limit the costotransverse joint to perform a gliding movement.
  • Their posterior surfaces provide attachment points for the extensor muscles (deep group) of the back.