Cotabambas Province

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Flag of Cotabambas
Location of Cotabambas in the Apurímac Region
Location of Cotabambas in the Apurímac Region
Country Peru
Region Apurímac
Capital Tambobamba
 • Total 2,612.72 km2 (1,008.78 sq mi)
 • Total 44,028
 • Density 17/km2 (44/sq mi)

The Cotabambas Province is a province located in the Apurímac Region of Peru. The province has a population of 44,028 inhabitants. The capital of this province is the city of Tambobamba.



One of the highest peaks of the province is Wiska at approximately 4,800 m (15,700 ft). Other mountains are listed below:[1]

  • Anka Wachana
  • Aqchi Wachana
  • Chunta
  • Ch'uwañuma
  • Huch'uy Miyu Kancha
  • Jaqhira Sirka
  • Kunturi
  • Limaq
  • Llulluch'a Urqu
  • Llulluch'ayuq
  • Millpuq
  • Ñiq'ita
  • Parqa Urqu
  • Pukar
  • Phiruru
  • Quña Quta
  • Qhawana Marka
  • Qhillani
  • Q'iswa Chakana
  • Q'umir Qaqa
  • Sipita
  • Surimana
  • Taya Sirk'a
  • T'akra
  • Wamanripayuq
  • Waqra Waqra
  • Waraquyuq
  • Winku P'ukru

Political division[edit]

The province extends over an area of 2,612.72 square kilometers (1,008.78 sq mi) and is divided into six districts:

Ethnic groups[edit]

The people in the province are mainly indigenous citizens of Quechua descent. Quechua is the language which the majority of the population (90.18%) learnt to speak in childhood, 9.55 % of the residents started speaking using the Spanish language and 0.17% using Aymara (2007 Peru Census).[2]

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