Cotagaita River

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Cotagaita River
Country Bolivia
Region Potosí Department,
Nor Chichas Province
 - coordinates 20°36′14″S 65°53′52″W / 20.60389°S 65.89778°W / -20.60389; -65.89778
Mouth Tumusla River
 - coordinates 20°41′28″S 65°25′48″W / 20.69111°S 65.43000°W / -20.69111; -65.43000Coordinates: 20°41′28″S 65°25′48″W / 20.69111°S 65.43000°W / -20.69111; -65.43000

The Cotagaita River is a river of Bolivia in the Potosí Department, Nor Chichas Province, Cotagaita Municipality. It is a right affluent of Tumusla River and belongs to the Pillku Mayu river basin..

Confluence of Cotagaita River with Tumusla River and confluence of Tumusla River with San Juan del Oro River

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