Cotherstone Moor

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Cotherstone Moor
Site of Special Scientific Interest
Moorland, Cotherstone - - 621337.jpg
Moorland of Cotherstone Moor
Country England
Region North East
District Teesdale
Location NY940170
 - coordinates 54°32′55″N 2°5′37″W / 54.54861°N 2.09361°W / 54.54861; -2.09361Coordinates: 54°32′55″N 2°5′37″W / 54.54861°N 2.09361°W / 54.54861; -2.09361
Area 2,449.45 ha (6,052.72 acres)
Notification 1955
Management Natural England
Area of Search County Durham
Interest Biological
Map of England and Wales with a red dot representing the location of the Cotherstone Moor SSSI, Co Durham
Location of Cotherstone Moor SSSI, Co Durham
Website: Map of site

Cotherstone Moor is a Site of Special Scientific Interest in the Teesdale district in south-west County Durham, England. It is an extensive area of moorland which extends almost the entire length of Baldersdale, from the confluence of the River Balder with the Tees at Cotherstone. It runs parallel to Bowes Moor SSSI, which lies a short distance to the south.

The area includes a variety of upland vegetation types, much of it blanket bog, including one area that is found nowhere else in County Durham and which is unusual for being transitional between northern upland and lowland bogs. Other habitats include dry heath, acid grassland, flushes, and rock and block scree.

The area supports breeding populations of a number of species of birds that are listed in the United Kingdom's Red Data Book (Birds), including four that are listed in Annex 1 of the European Commission's Birds Directive as requiring special protection.[1]

The Pennine Way National Trail passes through the area.


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