Cotocollao, Quito

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For other uses of Cotocollao, see Cotocollao Indians.

The Cotocollao Parish is a parish in northwest Quito, Ecuador. The use of space in the area is primarily residential, however it also has a very active commercial zone around the Avenida de La Prensa.

There are many older buildings in this section of Quito that contrast the more recent architecture of modern buildings.

The Cotocollao Parish contains the "Aurelio Espinoza Pólit" library which is notable for researchers since it has one of the most complete collections of old Ecuadorian books. It also contains the Estadio Rodrigo Paz Delgado, a stadium which is the home field for the soccer team "Liga."

This is a very commercial parish and has the "El Condado" shopping mall, since it is one of the biggest parishes of the city.

Cotocollao has a central plaza with an old catholic church.

El Centro del Muchacho Trabajador, or The Working Boy Center, has a complex located in Cotocollao.