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Cotorreando ("chatting" in Spanish) was a daily Spanish language gossip television show that ran on the U.S. Spanish network, Telemundo from 2000 to 2007.


Cotorreando was established to be in direct competition with Univision's El Gordo y la Flaca, which had been in production since 1998. It was produced in Miami, Florida. At first shown live, at 4pm EST (and shown recorded at the same time on the West coast), the show's producers decided to broadcast it at 12pm live on the East coast and recorded on the West coast, where it would also be shown at 12pm. The change in time slot was because show producers thought that, by getting their daily dose of gossip at an earlier time, television viewers would be uninterested in watching their rival show.

The show has shed light on Hispanic show business scandals, and while many entertainers do not oppose the show (many have actually visited the set), others have objected to being interviewed on camera for Cotorreando.

Friday September 28, Telemundo announced that it was cancelling Cotorreando and the final episode of Cotorreando aired that day. Telemundo executives decided to use the time slot for reruns of recent Novelas. The cancellation of the show leaves a large gap in Telemundo's schedule for exposure of Latin pop and rock music as well as interviews and previews of its upcoming novelas.

The week of October 1, 2007 Telemundo is airing an old soap opera "La mujer en el espejo" from 2004-05 in Cotorreando's former time slot.

The City of Austin City Council proclaims July 1, 1999 to be Cotorreando Day.

Production history[edit]

Executive Producer/Creator: Ricardo Garza

Associate Producers Mack Green, Erika Garza, David MacKenzie, Michael Marshall and Shirley Perry

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