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Cottage Med
Developer(s) Caring in Community 501(c)3 & Stefan Topolski
Stable release
2.7 / 2013-02-12
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Electronic Health Record
License GPL v2
Website [1]

Cottage Med is open-source electronic medical record (EMR) software based on FileMaker, created by Caring in Community.

It is the first publicly distributed EMR to be free, open source, and cross-platform for PC, Mac, Linux, and now common internet browsers conforming to open standards including Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera.

Since 2003 the software has had over 10,000 downloads, and runs on several hundred installations including projects by USAID and the UN.

This project's nonprofit corporation supports all open source EMR efforts but it has never been associated directly with the Oscar EMR project.


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Further reading[edit]

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