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Cotton balls

The cotton ball diet is a fad diet that involves consuming cotton balls dipped in liquids such as juices or smoothies.[1][2] The cotton is intended to make a person's stomach feel full without them gaining weight.[2] The diet has been repeatedly condemned as dangerous.[2] It is thought to originate from the modeling industry in which women are encouraged to be unhealthily thin. [3]

Health risks[edit]

Cotton can cause blockages in the digestive system.[4] Blockage in the intestines could result in dehydration, bowel obstruction which may cause the death of the gastrointestinal tract and damage to internal organs.[5] The diet will also result in a nutrition disorder.[5]

The diet can also cause choking because the cotton balls cannot be broken down and must be eaten whole.[5] Most cotton balls are made from bleached polyester rather than cotton,[2] and toxins in the synthetic ingredients of cotton balls can build up over time and cause organ damage.[5]

The diet is considered to be an indicator of an eating disorder; eating disorders also come with mood disorders such as depression.[6][5]


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